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Fellowship Program
Our Fellowship Program is a unique 5-day Silicon Valley program for Arab entrepreneurs or founders, designed to connect and train outstanding founders who are committed to giving back to their Arab community and scale their startups in the Arab Region and beyond. Fellows are pre-selected to the program and once they have fulfilled all the criteria of the program, they will be announced as TechWadi fellows. The overarching goal of the program is for entrepreneurs to learn the best practices for startups and then apply learnings to their own startups and form long-lasting connections to a Silicon Valley network.

Our people

Our Current Fellows

Shahad Jaber

UniOrders is a Jordanian startup provides Web and Mobile App solutions to enable an order management platform between pharmacies and drug stores (warehouses), As will as defined a marketplace between them.  through a network of pharmacies using mobile applications, contribute to increasing communication between the warehouse and the pharmacies, which is reflected in the marketing of products and communication.

Mostafa Ashour
CEO & Co-Founder | NowPay

NowPay is a FinTech startup building a financial-wellness platform for employees in emerging markets. We enable the workforce to better manage their budgets, overcome cash flow problems and avoid unexpected events by offering instant cash advances backed by the employee’s monthly salary.  We are backed by Endure, 500 Startups, BECO, EFG and Beltone.

Sahiqa Bennett
CEO & Co-Founder | Searchie

Searchie is a tech platform using AI to accelerate and assess talent in one place. By conducting unbiased live video interviewing with an avatar and producing instant psychometrics. Bad hires can cost companies thousands of dollars and leave long lasting negative damage on company culture. Talent continues to take a long time and can be costly on many levels.

Yahya Hazem
Product Manager

Ujeeb allows users to receive detailed answers from experts, specialists, and other individuals who have had similar experiences. By offering a unique, interactive model of Arabic content sharing, Ujeeb fulfills a vital need in the Arab world while it also covers the user base that its parent company,, does not.

Mahmoud Fathy
CEO & Co-Founder | ArabyAds

Founded in 2015 by Mahmoud Fathy and Mohammad Khartabil, ArabyAds was built on the vision of becoming the largest affiliate network and expanding into a one-stop-shop advertising and marketing intelligence firm that offers comprehensive marketing solutions for companies in the MENA region. ArabyAds generated over USD50M in revenue since inception and is continually growing its market share and its revenue generating activities

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