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Founded in 2006 as an Arab-American tech diaspora network, TechWadi has evolved into becoming the go-to mentorship, acceleration and engagement network for Silicon Valley and the MENA region. TechWadi is scaling the appetite, ability, and readiness of the region’s top high-tech entrepreneurs to establish a world-class, globally recognized startup ecosystem.

Our Mission.

TechWadi is the leading non-profit organization building bridges between Silicon Valley and the Middle East and North Africa region to support the growth and rapid expansion of high-tech entrepreneurship.

We build meaningful connections and partnerships for entrepreneurs and investors across Silicon Valley and the MENA region through:

Access to Mentorships.
Access to Networks.
Access to Talent.
Access to Capital.

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Gamal AbuEinen
CEO & Co-Founder, dryve

TechWadi played a major role in my career by opening many doors for opportunities in Silicon Valley. After I was enrolled in the Injaz Program and meeting many key people through the visits, I was fortunate enough to be selected as part of the Plug and Play Mobility program, a three-month accelerator which was held at the end of last year and helped propel dryve onto the global stage, widening my network even further in the Valley. I owe a lot of my success to this program and TechWadi.
Omar Hmaissy
Senior Associate, Business Operations & Strategy, Google

TechWadi is a great partner for both entrepreneurs and mentors alike. I always look forward to TechWadi's acceleration programs, as they are a great way to meet and engage with some of the most exciting startups in the Middle East - and are a great opportunity for mentors like myself to stay in touch with our homes. The bridges that TechWadi builds are unique, as the learning happens in both directions - we share our experiences with the entrepreneurs and we listen and learn from them about the incredibly challenging environments they operate in - and together, we build solutions that blend our experience with their determination to succeed.
Erin Mary Keeley
Global Director of Engineering, Hitachi GST

I have been fortunate to be a TechWadi mentor for several years. TechWadi entrepreneurs are ambitious, bright, and successful in their country, but TechWadi makes a difference by providing additional connections and support. If the entrepreneurs can receive one valuable contact, a funding possibility, or even just the realization of how challenging it can be for a startup to succeed even in the Silicon Valley, it can position them better to overcome challenges and grow their business. These entrepreneurs make a difference. They provide jobs and income in the region, and there is no doubt that the next ""big thing"" could come from anywhere in the world.
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